Do you need a House Fairy?

The House Fairies can help with anything home service related.  Check our current services and see if we can help you with your busy schedule.

Current Services

Personal Home Concierge Service

Keep your home organized and running smoothly.

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AirBnB Management & Consultation

Get your rental property 5 star ready.

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Home Organization

Let’s clear the clutter. We even do storage units!

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Premium Pet Care

Plan your next trip without worrying about your 4 legged friend.

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Juliane & Hannah

Juliane & Hannah

Co-owners: ATX House Fairies

Hey we are Hannah and Juliane! We met 10 years ago as part of a professional running team right here in Austin. Since then we’ve both had unique experiences both in life and business. We decided to take these experiences and formulate something together…….The ATX House Fairies!
What exactly is the ATX House Fairies? We can’t answer that in detail just yet. For now are an ever evolving Austin startup that hopes to bridge the gap between essential labor needs and the shortage of those who do so. Still confused? So are we.  For now just check out our current services, it’s a good place to start!

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